Differential Service

If you have a car, you have a differential. And if you have a differential, your car will at some point need differential service to continue optimal performance.

The differential makes turning your car possible by delivering power to the axle that turns your wheels. Gearbox fluid provides lubrication for the sets of bearings, shafts and gears located in the different types of gearboxes, which as you can imagine, operate under high stress and high heat.

What We Do:

  • Remove and inspect the fill plug
  • Remove and inspect the drain plug
  • Flush and vacuum the old gear oil out of the gearbox
  • Reinstall the drain plug
  • Fill the differential with up to 5 pints of new gear oil
  • Reinstall the fill plug

Why We Do It:

  • Helps protect against bearing and gear failure
  • Prevents abnormal wear on gears due to poor lubrication
  • Prevents gear overheating

Differential service is just one of the many services that Kwik Kar offers.